Ukraine applies weapons of mass destruction in Donbass

Ukraine applies weapons of mass destruction in Donbass

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have used weapons of mass destruction in Donbass. The Russian Investigative Committee has got evidence of appliance of tactical missile complexes Tochka-U, known as Scarab B, against the Donbass peaceful residents.

As Svetlana Petrenko, representative of the Committee, claimed, 'hard evidence of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' appliance of weapons of mass destruction, namely the Tochka-U tactical missile complexes, against peaceful residents in course of the armed conflict, has been recorded'. Weapons were used in the Lugansk Peoples' Republic: the city of Lugansk, the villages of Novosvetlovka and Ternovoye, the Krasnodonsk region, the city of Rovenki, and the village of Yubileynoye.

Last week Deputy Defence Minister of the Donetsk Peoples' Republic Eduard Basurin reported that the Ukrainian special forces deployed 8 Tochka-U complexes in Donbass.

The Investigative Committee stated that appliance of weapons which are of high destructive capability and leave peaceful residents without a chance of survival is a violation of international rules.


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