Ukraine deploys troops to annihilate Donbass

The Donbass is getting ready for a big war: Kiev's authorities are about to start active combat acts. Such a data is being reported with a reference to military-diplomatic sources in Moscow, Donetsk and Lugansk. Intelligence evidences large-scale deployment of armed groups and military equipment at the demarcation line.
At the same time, observers of the special OSCE mission have reported about violation of the armistice regime and use of multiple rocket launchers as well as heavy artillery.
Military diplomatic sources reported yesterday that no less than 9 artillery divisions and 6 divisions of multiple launch rocket systems were deployed in the contact zone. Such quantity of artillery may be enough to support a full-scale attack in the zone of 15-25km to a depth which would allow the troops approach the Russian border.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces keep building up their groups.