Signal to Moscow: NATO turns back at Russian border

NATO's members have demonstrated their combat capabilities near the Russian border, as warships of the Alliance have set for the Black Sea, and the US tank fire echoed across the Polish plains. As the CNN reported, on 30 January naval force which comprises eight ships representing eight NATO countries, headed for the Black Sea to take part in drills off the Romanian coast, named as the Sea Shield.
According to an official representative of the block, 'This is a demonstration of the alliance's resolve to defend all allies against any threat, and to enhance maritime security in the region'. It is noted that the Black Sea as well as the Baltic one, have become a contested space between Russia and NATO. The Sea Shield is not a NATO's exercise technically. However, a lot of NATO's member states will take part, those are Bulgaria, Canada, Greece, Romania, Spain, the US and Turkey.
On 30 January the American troops also participated in military drills near the Polish town of Zagan, giving a signal 'to the Kremlin amid concerns that US President Donald Trump's commitment to NATO allies and partners is wavering', the author believes.