Fillon on Russia: Superpower cannot be beaten with sanctions

Francois Fillon, leader of the French Republicans, presidential candidate and former PM, has claimed that Russia cannot be broken with economic sanctions. 'It was naive to believe that the Russian people may be broken with economic sanctions,' Fillon stated at the interview with the Le Monde. - 'There are two options: either we are trying to reach an agreement with Russia, or we are opposing it. Who wants to have a conflict with Russia? It's a huge country, we cannot treat it so light-heartedly'.
The French politician also stood for a 'new economic partnership with Russia', and proposed to 'hold a Europe-Russia conference on new security terms' across Europe. 'What for should have one deployed missile defence at the Russian border? - Fillon wondered. - We've made a lot of mistakes. Has the West always been a reliable partner? Hasn't it deceived Russia on Libya, Kosovo, economic partnership with the EU?'
Fillon also reminded of 'irresponsible statements of those who wanted Georgia and Ukraine join NATO: one should admit that neither Ukraine, nor Georgia can join the EU or NATO,' the French presidential candidate claimed.