Obama releases close drug dealers

Barack Obama has been in time to commute 330 imprisoned for illegal drug dealing. Fashion for legalizing marijuana and other drugs has gained momentum in the US. The conservative America has made first steps towards legalization - now states have right to determine their stance on drugs distribution. The states of Washington and Colorado have been the first ones to legalize cannabis.
While Barack Obama admitted before that he used to smoke marijuana himself and claimed that it's just a bad habit.
As the White House reported, in total Barack Obama commuted 1,715 sentences while being in office, that is maximum for 13 administrations of the previous leaders. Among those who came under campaign, 568 people had got life sentences.
As Pravda.Ru reported, on 18 January the head of state commuted 209 people, 64 more were pardoned, among whom was the Wikileaks' whistleblower Bradley Manning, who passed over 700,000 military and diplomatic documents as well as videos on the US operation in Iraq.