Marseilles police nearly leave for US getting lost on aircraft carrier

Three French policemen will be subjected to disciplinary action after they have nearly left for the US wandering on board of the US aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower. Police officers got on board of the ship, joining an excursion for honourable guests during its port visit to Marseille. They were detected after the carrier had left the port. Not speaking French, watchmen didn't manage to make it out that the policemen were not a part of the delegation. As a result, they stayed on board while the ship weighed anchors. The US aircraft carrier had to postpone departure from the port for an hour. The crew was looking for a way on how to deliver policemen back. All in all, they were returned to the French territory on a boat.

Caroline Pozmentier, a security assistant for the city of Marseille, noted that the policemen will be subjected to disciplinary sanctions as they had nothing to do on the aircraft carrier.

The carrier striking group led by the Dwight Eisenhower is coming back to the US after a 7-month long combat service in the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean and participation in an operation against the Islamic State terror group.