US wants to ascribe victory over terrorism in Syria to itself

US wants to ascribe victory over terrorism in Syria to itself

Spokesperson for the US Department of State John Kirby has claimed that the US doesn't agree with the fact that they have lost leadership in settlement of the Syrian issue given joint steps of Moscow, Tehran and Ankara in this direction. According to Kirby, they are 'still active on the diplomatic field. And it doesn't mean that the US is no more a leader if Russia, Turkey and Iran are meeting in Moscow. It doesn't mean that the American diplomacy is now void, invalid and no more a part of more extensive efforts.' 'We are not excluded, we are not being sidelined,' Kirby said. Representative of the State Department reminded that Washington took part in a range of multilateral negotiations on Syria, as the State Secretary John Kerry has visited Saudi Arabia recently. 'Now it's not the time to point at each other to define who did not comply with the obligations, the diplomat claimed. - I do not think it will be useful or constructive, as it is evident that namely Russia has violated its obligations'.

As Pravda.Ru reported, foreign ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran met on 20 December in Moscow and agreed upon a joint political process in Syria.

Before that, former US Ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith claimed in an interview with the CNN that the only thing which is left for the US in Syria is to reach agreements with Moscow and Damascus on the terms of opposition's capitulation.


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