Why ISIS manages to take Palmyra

Why ISIS manages to take Palmyra

The Syrian city of Palmyra has been seized by the IS terrorists yet again. Sunday night terrorists attacked the city and made units of the Syrian army backtrack to the suburbs, as being heavily outnumbered. Local residents have been evacuated. Why has it happened this way and could the tragedy have been prevented?

Ivan Konovalov, Head of the RISS Military policy and Economics section:

'The first attack was successfully repelled. Thus, one cannot say that it was complete fail. Another case is that the Syrian intelligence worked badly and didn't figure out forces of the adversary. That is, they thought that the first strike was the main one. And fighters carried out a second strike, where more people and equipment were engaged. One should find it out whether namely fighters worked the situation out this way to delude the Syrians or that was an error of the Syrian intelligence. But, in any case, the Syrian intelligence should have been keeping a close eye on concentration of those forces. Everything depended on the Syrian army, not on our advisers. The Russian aviation got involved in time, carried out strikes against attacking fighters and the first wave was repelled. However, the Syrian intelligence fell short of the target, they should have known that alike concentration of forces can hardly be concealed'.


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