US to supply terrorists with tanks and missiles

US to supply terrorists with tanks and missiles

Barack Obama has lifted restrictions on weapons supplies to Syria. As Administration of the US President explained, it is connected with preparations for an assault on the Syrian city of Raqqa, which is controlled by the IS fighters.

A source in the White House said that lift of restrictions allows delivery of weapons, ammunition and military equipment to the US allies in Syria, who are preparing a campaign on Raqqa's liberation. The city is considered to be a capital of the IS fighters in Syria.

At the same time the US President has abolished all the present bans on funding to Syria, which is under the US sanctions now as a country which allegedly supports terrorism.

The Pentagon and State Department will still have to get approval from the US Congress to render military aid to the so-called moderate forces in Syria, as they call them in the US. In fact, those are professionally trained fighters. Namely they, as the Defence Ministry reported, shelled the Russian hospital in Aleppo.


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