Thousands of terrorists surrender and leave Damascus

Thousands of terrorists surrender and leave Damascus

About 3,000 Syrian fighters have voluntarily laid down their arms and joined the ceasefire regime. They have left the town of Khan al-Shih near Damascus and set off for the province of Idlib along with their families on 52 buses. 'After long and painful negotiations an agreement on joining the ceasefire by fighters has been reached. The talks were very tense, a lot of moral efforts were needed as well,' Colonel Aleksey Leshchenko, representative of the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in the Syrian Arab Republic, claimed.

Fighters surrendered over 500 small arms, sniper rifles and dozens of 120-mm mortars. Workshops on weapons production and stores which were used by fighters have remained in the town. Terrorists left almost all of the buildings destroyed in Khan al-Shih. It is still dangerous to move along the liberated suburbs - sappers find mines at every turn. Often they have to be exploded just on the spot.

Peaceful residents who left Khan al-Shih four years ago, are coming back home now. They fix their houses and restore infrastructure of the town along with the government forces.


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