Russia, India and China prepare a strike against dollar

Delivering annual address to the Federal Assembly, the Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed out that 'Russia has never looked for enemies, it needs friends'. Speaking about active Eastern policy of Russia, Vladimir Putin noted that Russia's refocusing on cooperation with Asia instead of Europe was driven by 'long-term national interests' and global development.
The President also highlighted importance of development of relations with China, Japan and India.
For Russia, cooperation with two largest developing countries, which are members of the BRICS and the G20, has not only political but also economic significance. India and China are among leaders in the rate of economic growth not only in Asia but in the whole world. According to the IMF forecast, growth of the Chinese GDP this year will make up 6.5% and in India it will be more than 7%.
The Russian oil companies have significantly extended export to China, and payments are carried out in roubles or yuan.
And in 5 or 7 years Russia, China and India will completely reject dollars and euros and take to payments in national currencies. Thus, closer cooperation of these BRICS countries may strike the US dollar in the long term.