US creates a group to counter ‘covert influence’ of Moscow

The US Congress has adopted a draft resolution, which restricts movement of the Russian diplomats in the country. Accredited members of the Russian diplomatic missions in the US will not be able to travel more than 25 miles (40km) away from their official embassies and consulates, the document says. Exceptions may be made only if the FBI certifies to the Congress that it didn't find evidence of wrongdoing by those individuals.

Beside that, the House of Representatives, majority of which is controlled by the Republican Party, has adopted a draft resolution which presupposes creation of a special group across the security services on countering 'covert influence of Russia'. The document says about countering 'active measures by the Russian Federation to exert covert influence over peoples and governments'. In particular, the case is about 'manipulating media' and 'funding agents of influence'. The special committee will consist of representatives of office of the director of national intelligence, justice, treasury and energy departments, as well as the State Department and the FBI. It is supposed that annually they will be providing reports on what they have done with allegedly taking place 'covert acts of Russia. Apart from this, they will report on key steps taken on their initiative.

All in all, the draft resolution presupposes that budget of the US intelligence community will make up a little bit more than 70bln dollars in 2017. The document will be reviewed by the Senate and presented to President for signature in case of approval.