Syrian army liberates eastern part of Aleppo

The Syrian governmental troops have stepped up operation on liberation of the Aleppo's eastern districts. The troops are moving from Jandul roundabout to the Baya'adeen place. The Palestinian Liwa al-Quds group renders support in this section of the frontline and has taken the offensive from the Inzarat refugee camp. The artillery is also striking positions of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham fighters in the Masaken Hanano neihgbourhood. Terrorists are trying to maintain it under their control and deploy additional forces. As the Al Mayadeen TV channel reported, according to the latest data troops have taken major part of the Ard al-Hamra district under control and are currently fighting for Jabal Badro heights. As one of the officers engaged in the operation explained, the governmental forces in this area aim to drive fighters from the Masaken ash-Shababi and Masaken al-Buhus neighborhoods. 'It is needed to put an end to mortar shelling of the airport in Nayrab,' he revealed. The Syrian military are advancing towards the Baya'adeen place. Before that, they managed to take five advantageous firing lines at Masaken Hanano and are exploiting their success.