Trump promises to change America in 100 days

Billionaire Donald Trump, who won the US elections and become 45th President of the US, has promised to change the country in 100 days. He has recorded a video where he revealed first reforms he's going to carry out as being the head of state. On day one Trump intends to initiate exit of the States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The billionaire called it to be a disaster for the country. Instead of it Trump wants to sign bilateral agreements which would bring back industry and jobs to America. Beside that, after inauguration Trump aims to lift restrictions on production of energy. The case is about methods which are less harmful to the environment. These restrictions according to Trump annihilate jobs in the States. Their elimination could provide millions of jobs for the Americans. Trump also mentioned the state governance. He reported that he would impose a lifelong ban on lobbying in the interests of oversea governments by all of the officials of the executive branch. The ban will be in force for 5 years even after one leaves the government service. The politician also promised to defend the country from cyber attacks. He has already asked the Pentagon and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to create a detailed plan for defence.