Putin invites Obama to Moscow

Putin invites Obama to Moscow

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited the leaving US President Barack Obama to visit Russia at any time he likes.

Putin and Obama had a short talk before the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Peru.

After the meeting Putin told journalists that 'despite the fact that a dialogue between them was not an easy one, it was hard to work with each other sometimes, but they both noted that have always treated each other with respect as well as their stances'. Putin thanked Obama for years of collaborative work and said that he would always be happy to see Obama if there's possibility, necessity or desire.

Putin also reminded of a talk with the President-elect Donald Trump. According to him, Trump 'confirmed his intentions to normalize the US-Russia relations'. Putin assured him of the same thing. It was also noted that it would be useful to arrange a meeting of the employees.

Putin also claimed that there's always a big gap between election rhetoric and real politics in almost every country, and said there's nothing wrong in Trump's desire to bring industrial enterprises back to the US, create and provide new jobs in his own country. Putin noted that the 'US is a leading economy of the world and global economy depends on how it will be developing and how successfully it will settle problems including the one concerning government debt.'