Trump’s success shocks global markets

Victory of Donald Trump at the US presidential elections has shaken up global markets, which staked on the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. For the latest 4 hours gold prices have grown 4.5% - up to $60 given serious fight between presidential candidates. While the January Brent oil futures decreased 2.2%. The Mexican peso has fallen to a record low against dollar, having lost 13.1%. The dollar itself dropped by 3.3% to 101.66 yen. And lost 1.9% against the Swiss franc. The Canadian dollar plummeted to 8-month low against the Australian dollar and decreased by 1.9%. The pound sterling gained 1.04%. The euro increased 2.2% as well.
Experts believe that namely reports about Trump's leaving Clinton behind in one of the key states - Florida - acted as a catalyst for dollar's decrease.
It should be noted that while XX century was marked with dollarization, today the reverse is gaining ground - more and more countries switch to national currencies in payments, bypassing the dollar.