FBI Director may be sacked for intrusion into elections

James Comey, Director of the FBI, can be sacked in the nearest future because of a thoughtless step - 'intrusion into elections'. As the British Daily Mail reported with a reference to a source in the White House, it was Obama's adviser Valerie Jarrett who convinced him of necessity to undertake such a step. Head of the FBI alienated both Democrats and Republicans. Thus, the Congress will support the leaving president in this issue. Obama has already discussed with Jarrett all the possible legal and political consequences of such decision.

At the same time, other sources assert that Comey himself is ready to resign, not waiting for Obama's decision. In the FBI they believe that the Director has prejudiced reputation of the bureau and lost his weight among employees.

Reopening of investigation against the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton 'for no apparent reason' and further closure of the case without consulting with experts have concerned law-enforcement as well as prosecutors.