Trump teaches his supporters how to vote correctly

Trump teaches his supporters how to vote correctly

The US presidential nominee from the Republican Party Donald Trump called on his supporters to combat possible frauds the day elections take place the following way - to vote twice in case there are doubts that your ballot has been counted. 'You can go to University Center and they'll give you a ballot, a new ballot. They'll void your old ballot and give you a new ballot. And you can go out and make sure it gets in,' Trump claimed while speaking in Colorado. The case is that voters registered in Colorado get their ballots by mail. They also have right to demand a new one or vote in person at a polling station in case their previous ballot was not counted.

Before that Trump claimed several times about imperfect election system of the US, which allows vote rigging. Last week the OSCE observers expressed their concern about fair voting while monitoring preparations for future elections, as there is 'a whole range of significant faults'. Head of the German OSCE observers Michael Georg Link stated that '6 million Americans are exempt from the vote'.


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