Russian Embassy in Damascus under fire for 2 hours

Damascus area where the Russian Embassy is situated, has been shelled from mortars from the Jobar region, which is controlled by extremists. 'One of the bombs exploded in the immediate vicinity of the outer guard post of the diplomatic mission, another - not far from the consular department entrance, two projectiles detonated a hundred metres off the Embassy gates,' the Foreign Ministry reported. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, none of the Russian employees got injured as a result of shelling of the diplomatic mission. One bomb was also dropped onto the roof of a school building, which is situated not far from the Embassy. Fortunately, it did not explode. The Foreign Ministry believes that the incident will be duly estimated by 'those who reject terrorism and do not share the inviolability of diplomatic missions'. They also added in the Ministry that 'consecutive Russia's policy on uncompromising fight against terrorists in Syria will be continued'.


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