Egypt: Let Russia deploy military base and control Mediterranean

The Russian military holds negotiations with the Egyptian authorities on rental of a Soviet military air base in the Egyptian town of Sidi Barrani. Restoration of the base will evidence a new stage of cooperation between the two countries as well as help to settle geopolitical tasks in the Middle East and the North of Africa. The talks on Russia's participation in renewal of the Egyptian military facilities on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea are being held successfully. As a source in the foreign policy circles said, 'in case both parties agree upon the terms, the base may start operating as early as in 2019. Cairo is ready to agree upon its rental by Moscow to solve major geopolitical tasks, which meet the interests of Egypt as well. According to agreements that have been already reached, Russia will deliver equipment by sea. Moreover, a permanent military contingent of Russia will be deployed'. Thus, Russia will return to Sidi Barrani after 45 years. Until 1972 the Soviet Navy used the base in this Egyptian town to monitor the US Navy.