White House ready to bomb out Assad’s army

White House ready to bomb out Assad’s army

In response to restored combat acts in Aleppo, the US White House has started discussing more tough measures to react to the acts of Bashar al-Assad's army. Among options which have been discussed are airstrikes on positions of the Syrian army. As the Reuters wrote with reference to a source in the White House, failure of diplomacy at the settlement of situation in Syria left the White House with no choice, but for consideration of alternative options, the majority of which is connected with use of force.

Among them is to let allies in the Persian Gulf equip rebels with more modern weapons. Obama's Administration opposed it being afraid that the ISIS or al-Qaeda may get it.

Another, the most tough, is airstrikes on the Syrian Air Force bases, not far from combat acts between Assad's troops and rebels in the north of the country. This option was also turned down because of possible casualty among the Russian military.

Solutions which have been discussed also comprise deployment of a bigger contingent of the US Special Operations Forces to train and consult the Kurdish and Syrian rebel groups, as well as deployment of additional US Air Forces and the Navy - including those of the coalition - in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.

Speed at which the Syrian military attacks Aleppo and difficulties with diplomatic settlement of the conflict have taken Obama's Administration aback. They believe in case Assad's troops take back Aleppo, it'll be a devastating blow for rebels. As Pravda.Ru reported, on 28 September the US State Secretary John Kerry claimed that the US was going to stop cooperation with Russia on Syria.


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