Who prevents Russia from combating ISIS

Who prevents Russia from combating ISIS

Russia started actively operating in Syria a year ago to combat terrorism. It was supposed that the operation would last for some years. Today we have an anniversary. Today a few people contest our acts, however, it's evident that there's no complete victory. What have we managed to achieve for the latest year and how will the situation be developed further?

Sergey Mikheev, political scientist:

'Our acts are quite successful given Russian Aerospace Forces. At least we have stopped advance of the terrorists and helped the Syrian army to attain a number of achievements at a hole range of directions. But there's no success because the Syrian army is not ready to win, it just cannot cope with the task, despite quite a serious support from our side. Thus, the tasks have not been completed in Syria to the full extent. But the situation in Syria definitely cannot be settled without us for the moment. The US, Europe, Turkey and other players have to reckon with us in this region. That is, it's undoubtedly quite a successful stroke regarding foreign policy. Now the question is in the prospects because procrastination and too deep entanglement in the conflict can cause negative consequences in the future'.


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