Swedish intelligence afraid of ‘secret’ Russian threat

Swedish intelligence afraid of ‘secret’ Russian threat

The Swedish special forces noted growing threat from Russia, but its content is kept secret. As the Swedish Dagens nyheter wrote, the Swedish military will return to the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea - after having been absent for some years - ahead of schedule, that is not in 2018, but by summer of 2017.

Head of the Defence Ministry Peter Hultqvist pointed out that the country faces no threat of invasion. 'The character and content of the threat are classified as top secret and represent an extreme importance for the national security. Sources in the Cabinet of Ministers reported that the threat from Russia has increased, however its content is kept secret even for them,' the newspaper wrote. 'Something has happened in the intelligence data. But we, citizens, do not know what exactly took place. However, we can see the effect. Prompt deployment of a military unit on the Gotland evidences it,' Wilhelm Agrell, professor on security issues at the Lund University stated. The garrison will comprise mechanized and tank troops. The mechanized company will have 168 military men and 15 vehicles deployed at a regular basis. The tank one will include 120 men and 10 armoured vehicles which will be deployed temporarily.

As Pravda.Ru reported, Sweden has been afraid of Russia not for the first time. Before that the authorities claimed officially that a suspicious vessel - which had been regarded as a Russian submarine in 2014 - turned out to be a 'technical ship'. The previous scandal burst out after the Swedish had detected some unidentified underwater vessel due to radio beacon signals 50km off Stockholm and claimed that it's namely Russian submarine. Later it was found out that a Som class submarine sank off the Swedish coast in the beginning of the century.


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