Snowden says how to secure against spying

Snowden says how to secure against spying

Edward Snowden, former agent of the CIA and NSA, has given some advices on how to secure oneself against global spying or hackers.

After sneak preview of a new Oliver Stone's film 'Snowden' had been shown in the US, an interactive video conference was held. The film director, and main actors, who are in New York took part in it along with Edward Snowden speaking from Moscow. Snowden was asked to reveal some methods on how to secure oneself against spying and wiretapping.

According to the former CIA agent, one of the rules is to cover your laptop camera with a tape, which won't damage your computer, Snowden assured. He also advised not to use the same password on various websites. In case one of them is hacked, the stolen password may be used for other resources and social networks. Not to have your phone tapped, coding programs should be used, Snowden believes. 'You may use encrypted communication software for calls, which is free today,' he said. Edward Snowden also recommended to install blockage of advertisement and anti-virus programs. However, it can secure you against hackers, but not secret special services.


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