US and South Korea ready to wipe DPRK off the face of Earth

US and South Korea ready to wipe DPRK off the face of Earth

President of South Korea claimed about necessity to deploy the US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense in the territory of the country. According to the head of state, it's vital for security of the country, as nuclear threat may come from North Korea.

The South Korean opposition doubted necessity of the step. Its representatives believe that deployment of the complexes will lead to tense relations with Beijing and Moscow. But authorities of South Korea responded that military of the country are ready to 'wipe Pyongyang off the face of Earth' in case of a nuclear threat.
2 American bombers B-1B carried out a demonstrative flight over the territory of South Korea. Supersonic bombers took off from the US base on Guam, reached the Osan Air Base in South Korea and flew 70km away from Seoul. 4 South Korean fighters F-15 and 4 US fighters F-16 convoyed the flight.

Commander of US Forces Korea Vincent Brooks claimed that nuclear tests of North Korea are dangerous and represent a real threat. According to him, the US is determined to defend its allies in the region and take proper steps including such operations as deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense on the Korean peninsula.

As Pravda.Ru reported, the US deployed B-1B bombers at the base on Guam in August to oppose the North Korean nuclear and missile threats. These aircraft are capable of carrying nuclear weapons as well as bombs, which are designed to annihilate bunkers. Authorities of South Korea and the US regard these manipulations as defence, but isn't there something more behind this deployment of the US complexes in South Korea?


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