Iran promises to down US spy aircraft

Iran promises to down US spy aircraft

The Iranian authorities are concerned about activity of the US intelligence. Teheran promised to down two US spy aircraft on 10 September, which had flown over the Strait of Hormuz. The day incident happened, an anti-submarine patrol P-8 Poseidon with 9 crew members and a land-based patrol EP-3 Aries with 24 people on board were noticed 24km off the coast of Iran. The US asserts that the Iranian borders were not trespassed, as the Iranian territorial waters are just 22km away from the coast, according to the international law of the sea. Nonetheless, the Iranian military demanded the US airplanes to promptly change their course, otherwise they were promised to be downed. However the American pilots decided to tempt fate and continued the flight.

Every time you promise to down somebody, it can't be regarded as a professional behaviour, a source in the US Air Forces claimed in response to the acts of Iran.

It should be noted that activity of the US spy planes has concerned not only Iran for the last year. In the Far East the US drones made passenger airliners change their course several times. The US Air Forces have also significantly increased intensity of reconnaissance flights near the Russian borders in the Baltic and Black Seas.

The US Defense Intelligence Agency in its turn reported that Moscow shouldn't be indignant at constant flights of the reconnaissance aircraft at Russia's borders, especially above the Black Sea. According to them, now Russia should get used to control and take it as a norm.

While the Pentagon is surely allowed to be indignant at the Russian aviation's flying near the US borders and demand to stop flights of strategic bombers and reconnaissance aircraft.