NATO afraid of Russia’s military intentions

NATO afraid of Russia’s military intentions

The NATO's Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg claimed that deployment of battalions of the North Atlantic Alliance in Poland and the Baltic States is connected with the military intentions. Speaking at an international conference dedicated to Europe's Changing Geostrategic Landscape following July's Warsaw Summit in Tbilisi Stoltenberg explained that the reason of NATO's deploying four battalions in the Baltic states and in Poland is that they have seen military intentions of Russia and its desire to use force against its neighbours.

According to him, the NATO's build-up in the Black Sea is also a response to increased Armed Forces of Russia in the Crimea. Stoltenberg noted that the Alliance understands Georgia's wish to become a member of NATO. Being a small country with a big neighbour at the border, a platform for security is needed, and there is a desire to become a member of the collective security of an alliance, the Secretary General added and advised Georgia to continue carrying out reforms.

As Pravda.Ru reported, Stoltenberg claimed on 2 September about necessity to maintain dialogue with Russia. The biggest neighbour is very important for the European security, he said. The Secretary General also pointed out that it's necessary to avoid potential emergencies and misunderstanding, including those in the field of military cooperation.


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