Trump promises very good relations with Putin

Trump promises very good relations with Putin

The US presidential candidate from the Republican party Donald Trump claimed that Russia and the US will have very good relations in case of his victory at the elections. Trump also promised to establish personal relations with the President Vladimir Putin.

Trump made the statement during his speech at at a Commander-in-Chief forum. Speaking about Putin, he reminded that Russian President's approval rating makes up 82%. 'I think if he calls me brilliant, I'll take the compliment, OK? I think I'll be able to get along with him. Certainly in that [Russian] system he's been a leader far more than our President has been a leader,' Trump claimed.

As Pravda.Ru reported, Trump likes to recollect Putin's statement which was made in December, when the Russian President called the US presidential candidate from the Republicans to be a 'very bright' and 'talented' person. Before that Trump also said that the US should get along with Russia to defeat the Islamic State by joint forces.


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