Clinton’s nightmare: Moscow controls US elections

Clinton called to quickly and firmly tackle potential threat of Russia's interference in the US presidential elections. The US presidential candidate claimed that an 'oversea adversary' tries to manipulate the American political system, while the Russian president Vladimir Putin along with his assistants try - as it seems to her - to benefit from it, influencing the choice of Americans.

Clinton told reporters about Russian 'threat' being on board of a plane during her campaign trip. The former Secretary of State asserted that she has 'reliable evidence' of Moscow's intention to influence presidential elections. However, she didn't provide any accurate proof, just claimed,'We have to be doubly on guard to protect our electoral system at all levels and we have to make it clear that we're not going to let anyone interfere with the decisions of the American people,' she told the journalists, and mentioned Obama's speech in China, where the US president stated that the US is ready to defend 'all the peoples' from cyberwars, as Washington 'has powerful capabilities both to defend and attack'.

The US special services though continue to investigate possible Russian influence on the electoral process. The investigation has been headed by the US National Intelligence Director James Clapper.