Turkey takes territory of Kurds under control

Turkey takes territory of Kurds under control

The Turkish army jointly with the Syrian rebels liberated the border between Turkey and Syria from the Islamic State terror organization. According to the Reuters, the Turkish Armed Forces under the flag of oppositional Free Syrian Army took front between the cities of Azaz and Jarabulus under control. Having retaken 20 villages, which had been previously controlled by a radical Sunni group, they also secured a 90km-long corridor.

Military acts of the Armed Forces allow Turkey to maintain control over the territory of the Kurds' People's Protection Units, which are being backed by the US. Thus, the acts of Turkey may escalate tensions between Ankara and Washington.

As Pravda.Ru reported, the Armed Forces of Turkey crossed the Syrian border on 24 August. The city of Jarabulus, which was detained by the ISIS fighters, was the target of the operation. Former Foreign Minister of Turkey Yaşar Yakış claimed that Turkey's Armed Forces' aim was to deter the Kurds from advancing on the Manbij region in the north of Syria.


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