Moscow ready to stop war between Israel and Palestine

Moscow ready to stop war between Israel and Palestine

The Israeli politician Ze'ev Elkin claimed that Moscow may become a mediator in direct talks between Israel and Palestine. 'But the Palestinian authorities should be ready to engage,' he said.

Palestine was reported to have set forth a number of preliminary conditions to start negotiations, these are: to stop Israeli settlement, to adopt obligations after which Tel Aviv should create the Palestinian state and to liberate those being in jail according to previous agreements. Tel Aviv though is not ready to hold talks while Ramallah sets forth any preliminary terms.

Professor of the Al-Quds University Muhammad Asaad al-Eveyvi believes that 'Moscow would be one of the best venues for a dialogue, as Russia is the most unbiased player in settlement of the conflict between Palestine and Israel'. According to the expert, reaching consensus between Ramallah and Tel Aviv is also hampered by absence of unity between the Palestinian National Authority headed by Mahmoud Abbas, which governs the Western bank and Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Moscow has always been ready to host representatives of both countries. As member of the State Duma Committee on international affairs Anvar Makhmutov said, Russia is capable of initiating discussions on the existing disagreements and settling the conflict in a peaceful manner.


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