CIA declassified: US involved in coups d’etat all over the world

CIA declassified: US involved in coups d’etat all over the world

The US Central Intelligence Agency declassified documents, which had been prepared for briefings of the presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford in the late 1960-70s. These are about 2,500 documents. It is noted that some data has been deleted, particularly that about coups d'etat, which had been carried out in various countries in the 1970s.

The US was suspected of being involved in them. However, it's no secret that the US used to influence change of power in other countries. Some years ago the CIA officially acknowledged its role in the Iranian coup of 1953 and it was confirmed by the White House. Although usually complicity in such acts is officially denied.

The US was also directly involved in the coup in Cambodia in 1970 and influenced on elections in Chile. The US presidential candidate Ted Cruz claimed before, that the American policy towards dethronement of regimes generates new threats to the national security of the country. Having dethroned the government of Libya, we passed this country to radical Islamic terrorists. Now it's a chaotic warzone ruled by radical Islamic terrorists and other terror groups, who pose a threat to our country, he said. The CIA Director John Brennan also acknowledged that the agency had not figured out consequences of the Arab Spring.


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