US panics at Russian army drills

US panics at Russian army drills

The US authorities have raised concerns about snap drills of the Russian army, which had been initiated by the President Vladimir Putin. As they noted in Washington, they keep a close eye on the situation. They also demanded Russia to implement all of its obligations.

Michelle Baldanza, spokeswoman of the Pentagon, claimed that the US 'expects that Russia will implement all the corresponding obligations under existing agreements and provide its neighbours with necessary assurances and data on the scale and character of these acts'.

As Pravda.Ru reported, the exercises, which started on 25 August, are the biggest ones for the last year and a half. They involve the Southern, Western, and Central military districts, the Northern fleet and Chief Commands of the Aerospace and Airborne Forces. Military attaches of various countries were provided with information on the drills. Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland expressed their dissatisfaction with it. The exercises are being held under strict compliance with the Vienna Convention, where the OSCE countries exchange data on the military forces, defence planning and military budgets.

According to the Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu, troops' regrouping will allow us to estimate 'readiness of the Southern military district to promptly deploy self-sufficient troops to deal with crisis situations,' while the Western and Central military districts will be checked for capability of 'building up forces in the south-western strategic direction'.


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