US evacuates nuclear weapons from Turkey

The EurActiv media platform reported that the US started moving its nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania. The reason is deterioration of relations between Washington and Ankara.

About 50 units of the US tactical nuclear weapons were deployed at the Incirlik base in Turkey, that is about 100km away off the Syrian border. According to the source, the operation is very challenging in technical and political terms. After the failed putsch in July, the Turkish authorities claimed about US involvement in the attempted coup. Flights of the American aircraft were banned, and Commander of the base was soon arrested.

It is noted that relations of the US and Turkey deteriorated to such extent, that Washington trusts Ankara no more to maintain nuclear weapon. It's being transferred to the Romanian base Deveselu.

As Pravda.Ru reported, on 25 July great fire broke out at the Turkish city of Izmir near the NATO's base. As the Turkish police stated, the fire broke out in the forest and then spread to the territory of the military site. However, an arson was not excluded. The CNN Turk reported that it could be subversion against the US given the fact that it had been accused of the recent attempt to carry out a coup d'etat in the country.