Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

CIA: Obama can't make friends with Putin in Syria

CIA: Obama can't make friends with Putin in Syria

Washington delays talks on Syria despite claims of the US State Secretary John Kerry on necessity to resume dialogue on political settlement of the situation in the country, a high-ranking source in the Russian foreign policy circles said. He noted that Barack Obama wishes to settle the Syrian issue before end of his term. Nonetheless, the CIA and Pentagon do not want to put an end to military confrontation in Syria.

According to the source, Obama 'got a Nobel Peace Prize and it should be justified now. Moreover, he realizes that he will go down in history as a president, who destroyed the whole country (Libya), escalated situation in Ukraine, filled the Middle East with terrorists (Syria in particular), and as a result, inundated Europe with refugees. However, the US security security agencies adhere to a military agenda.

The CIA and Pentagon are interested in a long-term military conflict in the Middle East. The American policy is so undetermined namely because of discord in the highest US structures'.

It should be noted that outer forces cause the White House and State Department problems on agreed approach with Russia to political settlement in Syria. As the source stated, Russia and the US managed to bring together their stances on faith of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. However, the US allies in the Middle Eastern region still take non-constructive stance on the issue. Because of that, the American top officials have to publicly stand for immediate leave of Assad, not to loose 'friends' in the region.