US scared of Doomsday bunkers in Russia

US scared of Doomsday bunkers in Russia

The US Intelligence got scared by Russian military strategic innovation and claimed that Russia had been building underground command bunkers for some years to operate nuclear forces. The American intelligence stated that there are dozens of bunkers all over the country.

The experts note that it's connected with deployment of the 5th-generation advanced integrated automated combat control system in the Russian missile troops, as the Defence Ministry reported. The new bunkers in Moscow are to defend people from nuclear explosion, as well as chemical agents and biological weapon. They can also save citizens in peacetime, during flood or fire. The bunkers may hold up to several thousands people. 

Beside that, an exercise on countering a nuclear strike has been carried out in Moscow recently with the help of air defence system and retaliatory massive nuclear fusion launch under attack by the Russian strategic missile troops. As the Defence Ministry reported, the President Vladimir Putin used the 'nuclear briefcase' , i.e. command-communication device, which is always with the head of state and allows to learn any moment about missile-nuclear threat in any part of the world, estimate it, choose option of a retaliatory strike and give order to nuclear troops.

According to some data, Perimeter system has been also tested during the drills, which is called as the Doomsday Weapon or Dead Hand. The complex estimates situation in the territory of the country even in case of the first strike against Russia and automatically orders a retaliatory strike against adversary. Thus, the enemy cannot deliver the first nuclear or non-nuclear strike and go unpunished.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov