Obama accuses Russia of failure in Syria

Obama accuses Russia of failure in Syria

The US President Barack Obama has accused Russia in advance of possible armistice failure in the Syrian Arab Republic.

He claimed that he's not sure whether one can trust Russia and Vladimir Putin when it comes to issues of the Syrian settlement and stated that possible failure of armistice in Syria would be on Moscow's conscience.

Head of the White House added that Russia demonstrated its wish to support 'a murderous regime' and the President Bashar al-Assad himself, who, Obama believes, destroyed Syria in order to stay in power.

Barack Obama noted that the United States is still ready to work with Russia to decrease violence and strengthen joint efforts against the ISIS and al-Qaeda groups. However, according to him, Russia didn't manage to undertake proper steps and thus, they have to test whether it's possible to reach a real ceasefire, which would include end of air strikes, civil deaths and destruction.