Russia holds Retribution operation for Mi-8

Russia holds Retribution operation for Mi-8

Massive air strikes against the region where Mi-8 helicopter was downed with 5 Russian military on board, have been carried out by the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Conflict News journalists reported.

Strikes were carried out against positions of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists, who claimed responsibility for the shot down Mi-8 and death of five military men. The Russian Aerospace Forces started Retribution operation after desecration of dead crew members.

It is known that at least 100 air strikes of the Russian aviation have been carried out so far in the region where transport helicopter crashed, that is near the city of Saraqib and Abu al-Duhur air base of the Idlib province, which are under control of al-Nusra. Terrorists report on Russia's aircraft terrifying bandits in the region for some hours on end.

As the Russian Defence Ministry confirmed yesterday, the MI-8 helicopter was downed in the Syrian province of Idlib. 3 crew members and 2 officers of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation were on board. Mi-8 is the third helicopter Russia lost during operation in Syria.


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