ISIS threatens to annihilate Russia

ISIS threatens to annihilate Russia

Fighters of the Islamic State released a video where they call to jihad against Russia. The video contains threats and address to Vladimir Putin. The fighters have distributed it via Telegram account, which they use.

In mid-May the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) along with he National Security Committee of Kazakhstan suppressed activity of a criminal group, members of which planned to carry out terror acts in big cities of Russia under 'the Paris scenario'. Later it became known that the FSB fellows detained 'a group of citizens from the Central Asian countries', who planned a series of terror acts in Moscow during festivities in May. Special services asserted that the terror acts should have been orchestrated by order of 'heads of international terror organizations from Syria and Turkey'.

For the time being more than 200 potential suicide bombers are under control of the Russian special services.

As Pravda.Ru reported, on 21 July the ISIS fighters released a video, where they threatened France with new attacks. Two representatives of the group, who spoke French, reminded of the terror act of 14 July in Nice and promised to carry out new ones in Paris and Marseille.


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