NATO and Saudi Arabia down Russian Su-24

NATO and Saudi Arabia down Russian Su-24

Willy Wimmer, former Vice-President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and member of the Bundestag, claimed that the Russian Su-24 was downed by the Turkish fighter aircraft over Syria with assistance of the NATO.

'According to data I possess, one American and one Saudi aircraft took part in it. Such aircraft as this Russian bomber can't be easily downed: a fighter should be directed at the target. It can be done only by the Saudi aircraft equipped with the airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) system', he believes.

The American aircraft took off from Cyprus, according to Wimmer, another flew from a base in the Saudi Arabia.

'What happened there complies with no accepted international rules. They downed the Russian aircraft because they wanted to,' Wimmer stated. He also supposed that political interests were a reason of this incident, and namely desire to destroy relations between Russia and Turkey, which were at their peak at the time.


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