German researchers read Putin’s mind

German researchers read Putin’s mind

The German Institute for International and Security Affairs modelled some scenarios on development of the Russian political behaviour on the international stage. The Institute advises the Parliament and government of Germany, as well as the EU, NATO and the UN on foreign policy issues.

As a result the researchers released a collection of articles named 'Possible surprises. 11 directions, the Russian foreign policy may choose'. The articles comprise four subdivisions: The EU, Other regions, Internet, Energy and Security, and Eurasia.

The first subdivision considers possible Moscow's influencing elections in France.

The second one considers scenarios of Russia's relations with Serbia, Japan and China. For example, the German researchers weigh options of the EurasiaNet creation jointly with China and India. They believe it could divide global internet into two parts.

In the Eurasia subdivision experts seriously consider possible 'Russia's military invasion' in Kazakhstan.
Each article is ended up with lengthy description of possible Kremlin's acts' consequences for Germany and there are provided recommendations for the German government.


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