Snowden: US attacks foreign parties

Snowden: US attacks foreign parties

Edward Snowden made a new revelation. Former CIA agent published a secret report on the US cyber attacks against oversea political parties.

'Our government specifically authorized the hacking of political parties. Mistakes were made,' he wrote on his Twitter. He also published a document dated July 16, 2010.

Countries and international organizations the CIA influenced, are listed in this 'top secret' document. Among those political organizations pressurized by the special services are the Pakistan Peoples Party, the Lebanese Amal Movement, the Egyptian party Muslim Brotherhood, the Indian Bharatiya Janata People's Party, and the Romanian National Salvation Front.

The day before a scandal flared up in the US after Wikileaks had revealed 19,252 e-mails of the Democratic Party National Committee. Correspondence evidenced that party insiders stood for Hillary Clinton at the primaries to the detriment of the other candidate Senator Bernie Sanders.


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