Terrorists to attack Olympic Games

Terrorists to attack Olympic Games

A group of the Brazilian jihadists, named Ansar al-Khilafah, Brasil claimed about their loyalty to the ISIS and revealed a list of 17 methods they are going to use to carry out terror acts during the Olympic Games in Rio-de-Janeiro.

'If French police didn't manage to stop attacks in France, the ill-prepared Brazilian police won't be able to do it in any way,' the Islamists stated in their address published via SITE Intel Group. All members of the group are ready to sacrifice themselves to become martyrs,' Rita Katz, founder of the site, said.

Terrorists have a list of targets, which comprise airports, public transport, and other crowded areas. They also indicated methods they would use. They will be carried out by 'lone wolves' via attacks with knives, poisoning, assaults against women and children as well as generation of false threats.

Luiz Alberto Sallaberry, Director of the Brazilian Intelligence Anti-terror Agency ABIN, has warned that the Brazilian authorities regard 'lone wolves' to be the main threat for the Olympic Games.

Last week a physicist Adlene Hicheur with dual Algerian and French citizenship was deported from Brazil. He was a visiting professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He was arrested in France in 2009 after police had allegedly intercepted emails between himself and terrorist organizations.


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