Kerry comes to Moscow to talk to Putin

Kerry comes to Moscow to talk to Putin

US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian President Vladimir Putin are to hold a meeting in Moscow on July 14th. Kerry is said to offer Russia to exchange intelligence information on Syria, if Russia agrees to stop bombing the rebels, whom Washington does not see as terrorists. 

The Washington Post said that the suggestions from the Obama administration to coordinate air strikes in Syria with Russia would strengthen the split between US national security officials. Some of them insist that the US and Russia could thus stop the extermination of Syrian civilians and contribute to the implementation of other anti-terrorism goals. Others believe that the USA is trying to make a counterproductive concession to the Kremlin that can not be trusted.

The US offers Russia to exchange intelligence information about the whereabouts of Jabhat en-Nusra terrorist organization and synch operations against the Islamic State. 

In exchange, Moscow would have to use its influence to promptly stop the air raids of the  Syrian Air Force, narrowing their operations to non-combat ones, such as humanitarian and medical-rescue missions.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov
Topics syria