Ukraine bribes US Senators

Ukraine bribes US Senators

European Centre for Modern Ukraine lobbied anti-Russian sanctions and resolutions in the USA.

This nonprofit organization transferred 120,000 dollars to the US lobbying company Mercury in 2014 to promote a range of legislative acts. In early 2014 the European Centre for Modern Ukraine transferred another 70,000 dollars to the Mercury account.

The funds were directed at lobbying of some US Congress resolutions, including those that condemn 'illegal Russian aggression in Ukraine', support 'territorial integrity of Ukraine and condemn military Russian aggression in Ukraine', as well as a range of other US Congress acts, which are within the sphere of post-revolutionary Ukraine's interest.

Before that, it was found out that Khodorkovsky spent at least 1,500,000 dollars to bribe Obama's Administration and the US Senate to prepare anti-Russian projects.

American journal The Nation used to state that wealthy foreigners may transform their personal vendetta against oversea governments into the American laws in the US. In other words, they can buy Senators and even the US Administration, lobbying their laws.


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