France and Germany to create Superstate

France and Germany plan to create a 'European superstate'. The countries have already prepared a corresponding resolution, the Polish broadcaster TVP reported. As the countries contrive, future 'superstate' will substitute the European Union.

Head of the German Foreign Ministry Steinmeier should present the document with details of the project at the meeting with Foreign Ministers of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. According to the document there will be launched new visa system, and refusal of own currency and army.

Countries which join 'superstate', will not be able to have their own army, penal codes, special services, tax system, currency and central banks. Control over state borders and migrants shift in their territories is also under question. The NATO powers in the territories of member-states will be limited as well. As Head of the Polish Foreign Ministry Witold Waszczykowski claimed, this project may become a recipe for the EU collapse.