Russian army gets smallest grenade-launcher

Russian army gets smallest grenade-launcher

Russian special forces have received a new weapon - the world's most compact grenade-launcher "Bur." The grenade-launcher was designed as a light infantry support weapon. The weapon is based on the concept of RPO-A "Shmel" ("Bumblebee") man-portable rocket launcher.

The "Shmel" grenade-launcher shoots flame liquid jet projectiles. The "Bur" is a smaller version of the "Shmel" grenade and refers to the category of easily portable weapons. The curb weight of the weapon with a grenade makes up only 3.5 kg. The effective range makes up to 650 m (the maximum range - over 900 m).

The destructive force of the shot is comparable to an explosion of a 120-millimeter howitzer shell. Thus, the designers made the lightest grenade-launcher in the world, which allows to carry out combat activity at any time of day or night.


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