CSIS report: Russia prepares for great defencive war

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service published an impressive 2018 Security Outlook Potential Risks and Threats. One third out of 100 pages volume is dedicated to Russia. The main peculiarity of the document is that the Canadians did not fuel propaganda cliché of the West regarding financial crisis, end of Russia which is to take place soon and so on. It is noted in the report that pessimistic forecast towards Russia is absolutely unjustified. It is believed in the West that economic crisis, problems with demography and strengthening sanctions will soon cause a collapse of the Russian state. However, in fact, as the CSIS highlighted, Moscow shows no weakness features. The political regime in Russia is 'coherent, durable and united' at the centre. There are no chances on the foreign policy stage that Russia will make unilateral concessions in the nearest future, being afraid of outer pressure. What about imposed arms race on Moscow, the CSIS experts pointed out that the West focused on so-called hybrid war in vain. Russia is building-up conventional non-nuclear military capability in case of global conflict. And the emphasis is put on defencive weapons. In conclusion, authors of the report noted that Russia has an excellent stance from political point of view, on defending its national interests. The stance is backed up by modern weapons and long-term development strategy. Thus, one cannot expect to succeed in talks with Moscow from a position of strength.