China starts chasing US spy planes in Russian style

American military lodged a claim against China on 'unsafe' intercept of the US surveillance aircraft in the East China Sea. The surveillance aircraft RC-135 of the US Air Force was intercepted by the Chinese fighter J-10 in high seas airspace over the East China Sea. The American military believe maneuvers of the Chinese pilot were dangerous. As the US military reported, although the Chinese aircraft did not approach closer than 100 ft, it flew at a very high speed and at the same altitude of the spy plane, and that is regarded to be a dangerous maneuver. The Pentagon in its turn noted that spying RC-135 carried out its 'routine mission'. The US Air Force have significantly increased lately intensity of spying flights near the Russian borders in the Baltics. During last three weeks, the RC-135 approached the Kaliningrad region 14 times.