Moscow not to let NATO seize Black Sea

The Black Sea will not become a "NATO lake", Russia's permanent representative to NATO Aleksandr Grushko said in response to Turkish President Erdogan, who had urged the North Atlantic Alliance to act in the Black Sea. Russia will not let NATO use its fists in the Balck Sea, although the alliance has been trying to resort to confrontational schemes in these waters.
Earlier, the Turkish President Recep Erdogan stated that one should not let the Black Sea become a "Russian lake." Yet, the alliance understands that Russia will take all the necessary measures to neutralize possible threats and attempts of military pressure, Aleksandr Glushko claimed. According to him, the Black Sea Fleet will stabilize situation in the Mediterranean Sea and further to the south. Erdogan was outraged by the fact that the Black Sea has become almost a Russian lake. The NATO officials said that the alliance would increase presence in the Black Sea. To this end, Romania may create a fleet under NATO's leadership in the Black Sea. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mariya Zakharova stated that such a move may force Russia take measures for an adequate response to NATO.